What Your Mom Never Told You About Adult Sites

Ever wonder how on Earth you are going to find the best deal on an adult site when there is so much awesome content out there, but also some plain old garbage? You do want to watch hot sex and you are ready to spend a decent amount to get quality stuff and not the usual crap that comes for free. But you also have some special preferences and you go for the real deal in HD. You want sexy bodies, pretty faces and hardcore action. You went to enjoy in your personal taste, get to watch some weird stuff and not get anyone to judge you. What is an average guy to do under the circumstances?

A smart move to make when you decide where to head on is by reading experienced adult site reviews from competent editors. We work for your benefit so that you don’t keep endlessly searching for the real deal among thousands of adults sites. Trust us we’ve been where you are heading and you don’t need to walk the same path.

Long gone are the days when adult sites were something out of the ordinary. They are getting so mainstream and so omnipresent that wherever one turns, it seems that a new adult site pops up. There is more porn than food nowadays. While it is easy to get carried away by the free websites, it is the paid deals that get the most tokens and five stars from avid porn fans.








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This site is to anybody who loves to see young guys having their first sexual experience with another guy.

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BlackGFS offers exclusive content and videos with good quality and it’s definitely worth joining.

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This site brings you the gorgeous porn stars with big tits and HD scenes.

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There is plenty here to enjoy like hot babes with natural and big tits.

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BadTowTruck is a unique hot porn site that brings you a combination of reality and hardcore porn under one roof.

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40 inch Plus features some really hot and sexy babes all with a bubbleicious butt that is at least 40 inches.

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Original and well made movies with good value and a great interactive experience.

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Easily one of the most appealing hardcore networks around, and it has been for nine on ten years now.

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Awesome see-through pantyhose styles to make you swoon over tight asses.

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Amazing full-blown sex videos on fun locations with action you have not seen ever before.

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Lusty, cuddly and sweet-talk girls action: solo, pairs or more.

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As effective as the Yellow Pages of sex videos - get ready to get lost in the sea of tunas and prepare your hook.

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The best tranny fun you can find around featuring the juiciest and the kinkiest stars.

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Prices are reasonable, the models are attractive, and there are appeals to all tastes.

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Very well put together live cam site with many great features to help you succeed.

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Cam4 is also one of the most popular sex cam sites online with thousands of models available to chat with at all times.

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Freewebcams.com seems to be a legitimate site that will give you model shows for free.

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If you’re into live granny porn and want to try something different, then this site can be pretty interesting for you.

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Recent Posts

The Ever-Rising Quality of Internet Adult Sites

Along with technology becoming the hot topic of the day, we are all facing a trend that we can’t keep up with. A brand new smartphone bought yesterday is an old story just in couple of months and almost dysfunctional in a couple of years. LCD screen go, LED screens arrive. Porn industry giants stay and leave, but trends and hi-tech advancement changes so fast that it is easy to become yesterday’s news. Even the models can keep up with the news and need to adapt to the ever-changing requirements if they want to stay current. What is a regular porn fan to do but get to find ways and enjoy the top-notch quality by keeping an open eye to friendly helpers from the adult industry?

Veteran porn fans may remember that just a few decades ago, the only place where one could see a pair of nice tits and a hot ass was on the cover of a magazine. Those days are long gone and although everyone appreciates a static image, its power is minimal when compared to a full HD video that provides outstanding quality. Current videos on online adult sites are almost just as real as the live action, especially if you get to see clips made by the top filmmakers with the hottest porn-stars who just adore exploring new scenes with fellow actors. Models get hotter and action gets kinkier. New scene experiments turn out extra-cool and while there are some comic behind-the-scenes anecdotes, overall the crew enjoys the screw and loves providing visual pleasure to loyal horny customers.  

How to Make an XXX Home Video

Do you ever imagine what it is like to be a part of an adult movie scene? We bet you do and we bet you do that with as many porn stars and with as many friendly faces! Assuming that you don’t have a favorite role, we hope that you put yourself in an actor or actress role as well as in the director’s shoes. We share the opinion that both are super exciting and that going for only one is a hard choice to make. In the end, most directors start as actors as this is the best way to know what it is like to be in the shooting focus.

Instead of putting up with amateur shots based on gossips and half-truths that you have picked up from inexperienced websites why don’t you consider reading some of the very worthwhile and precious advice we have collected from some of the best movie makers in the adult industry? We have friends that go as far as in the AVN top-awarded studios.

This is the language and the style of professionals, so be ready to make yourself some fiery stuff. Later, you get to decide what to do with the produced movie clip: you can keep the video for your private collection, share it with your fuckbuddy to remember good times or post it online on some of the adult sites for amateur videos. Who knows, by keeping in line with our movie making tips you might even get a prize!

  • Start with a good, easy-going, positive mood

Nothing can kill a great moment in bed like negativity and if you don’t know how to have fun while filming yourself in sex scenes, you will definitely not make a star-quality video. Have you noticed how porn stars often heat up by sharing a good laugh? Having fun along the way of making an adult video is as important as the end result. Moreover, it is critical for success!

  • Get the right camera

This doesn’t mean that you need to get the most expensive hi-tech camera that has just came out on the market. Usually, it mean that you need to adapt the camera to the setting. Actually, many of the ultra-hot adult scenes are made just with a smartphone. Not only smartphone cams can make shots as good as a pro standard camera but they have many advantages like all-time availability, size and mobility.

  • Invite willing partner/s as a bonus

You don’t actually need to have a partner to film an adult video as plenty of the hottest models witness daily on online adult sites. Our reviews feature many clips where solo-action is center stage. However, having more than one person in a video raises up the bar and the creativity to the maximum. Not to mention what can happen when there are more people than just one couple! Still, the key thing is to have someone who is as willing, as visual and as horny as yourself. The vital characteristic for your co-star is a bit of an exhibitionism. Many people enjoy in a show-off so it would not be too difficult to find such a person, especially if you look for a hookup partner on an adult dating site.

  • Put your guts out of the closet

Many amateur movie makers who tried taking some hot scenes for a home porn directory find to their surprise that the whole deal is not as easy as it gets. It seems that it is not so easy to row and press record simultaneously! The result is not as stunning if you feel uncomfortable calling the shots. Yet, there are many who get turned on even more by getting a camera in their hands. If you belong to the latter, lucky you, you don’t need a lot of help. If you are inclined to the former, just keep in mind that practice makes perfect. In the end, that is why professional movie makers are for.

  • Do not forget to prepare

If you decided to take a video off the cuff, not many wisdom secrets can apply here. The moment of surprise and spontaneity can make or break the film. But if you do have the time to prepare, take some time to arrange the setting and, especially the lighting. Assuming you don’t have pro lighting equipment, take the best lights you have at home if you want to make an adult clip that is as awesome looking as the videos featured in our top rated reviews, Don’t get your hopes too high, though – this rarely happens. When the mood is right and when you have some luck, any light will do.

What to Look for in an Adult Site Review

When you choose you favorite adult site review editors make sure that you give your trust to experienced professionals. Porn Kitchen takes pride in the team of editors who have polished their skills during a long tradition of hanging around the best adult movie makers and stars. Our editors get invited to exclusive AVN parties, listen to honest professional opinions all the time and know hot to weed the best stuff in the adult site market.

We base our reviews on carefully crafted criteria. On Porn Kitchen, there is no place for bad meals. We know who are the hottest stars and how to select the top scenes from their portfolio. We’ve been around and seen it all, so we know how to appreciate the crew and the technical aspects of an adult site. We understand that first-class adult sites keep user experience a priority. Therefore, we evaluate the site purpose, its features and we compare the benefits against the cost. When we collect all key information we make a clear-cut pro & con list to help you get to the bottom line in just one look. If you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands read just this one section.

For those who want to explore further, get your eyes on the ‘Models’ section featured in each review. From a sea of gorgeous beauties we generate lists of spectacular performers who are majority’s favorite. In this way, you get to see if your favorite model is featured and if the site is up to your taste. Not only will you receive hardcore action but you will become more knowledgeable in ladies. Not neglecting the technicalities, we end at a well-rounded rating featured on a rating list that gets built over time. Have a peek to see top news for adult sites and watch sensational HD videos.

A Short Guide to Your Dream Megastar

Usually, users of adult sites know very good what they are looking for. We totally get that you have a favorite girl, a top cam model that meets all your expectations in a cam room or a porn star that you just can’t get enough of. While you may know where to find your cherry on the top, we are here to guide you through the amazing gallery of the superstar awarded models featured on the adult sites we have reviewed. Not one is alike the other.

If you have not exactly chosen your top one but still have a favorite type of girl you will know where to have more of her by reading the short model profile description that sits next to the profile picture. When you click on the model photo, you get to see her proportions, her pro adult name and the videos that she is featured in.

The homepage of most adult sites includes the site’s megastar models. The ones that are listed in our top selection feature names like Jayden James, Rachel Starr and Gianna Michaels. Need we say more? 

Search for your favorite girl by typing her name in the top right search field to access HQ videos of her doing all the sexy action you can think of, with hot shots from all angles, showing enough boobs, ass and pussy to last you at least until the next round of load fills in. It is that easy.