Disgraced 18

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4.2 / 5.0


Porn pros starts with a totally new experimental series of some kink stuff and young girls who are just starting their career in the adult industry world but are not afraid to get into some hardcore stuff and deliver a fresh outlook to the BDSM category where we are used to seeing older faces showing up on the screen once they go through all softer steps. This is what Disgraced 18 is all about.


There are people that get off on kink and fetish sex, but usually the desire to engage in advanced level activity comes out later in life when adult stars, and even regular people in their daily life get bored of the same old stuff and want to trespass old limits by doing something that’s way out of the easy-breezy shagging. Well, here on Disgraced 18 we can see novice girls, just on the brink of the adulthood and totally new to the profession getting right into the vortex of porn by trying out the weird powerplay stuff of the BDSM world. We can’t tell whether this is due to their courage, to the great career benefits or to the pure and insane sex desire to just get into some bondage and dwelve into the wild things right from the start but they have a surefire method to get to stardom instantly. Well done girls for contributing to the already rich world of Porn Pros with super-kink categories. We love how you act like pros in advanced categories and how some of you surprisingly surpass even top-rated superstars. Trust us, these girls do not mind being tied, spanked, covered in loads of cum, humiliated and shamed both publicly and privately and making the final produce of Disgraced 18 as awesome as possible. We also love how the producers took care to give some effort and invested some money into the nice technical features - cameras and video production because this gives the final HD clips the right vibe that attracts customers. You will also be lucky to hear that you get bonus content once you go premium, including Porn Pros additional categories as well as some extra partnering sites content. Videos are updated daily, so you can get your daily dose of BDSM from Disgraced 18.


All super-young and gorgeous, it is not easy to decide which model is better looking than the next one. Lovely bodies with different boobs style, pussies shaven or bushy, you name it, you got it on Disgraced 18! You will not see a lot of unnatural stuff, like boob jobs or enlarged lips or platinum blondes that go way over the top. There is the occasional tattoo over and there, but most girls just come freshly scrubbed and perform “as are” without too much unnecessary rubbish on them. If you like it natural, you will love the sensational content on Disgraced 18.

Value for Money

To watch full movies in HD quality, stream and download unlimited videos you must get one of the paid memberships. To decide which is the best one for you, you can either base your decision on the free screenshot previews or just get the daily trial which lets you browse through the advanced features up to a certain point. Get your credit card ready and once you assess your budget, choose among the four alternatives:
  • Twelve-month membership for $9.95 charged each month
  • Three-month membership for $19.79 charged each month
  • One-month membership for $29.95 charged each month

Bottom Line

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free streaming in premium
  • Daily video updating
  • Multiple video formats including SD, MPEG and WMV
  • All-day user support by net, email and phone
  • Discreet charges
  • Limited trial
  • Lack of free previews


Nice experimental selection of videos of barely legal +18 girls that go over the top in trying out new BDSM stuff. If you are used to seeing older women and men featured in BDSM videos, your expectations will get blasted in Disgraced 18. Some weirdly young ladies engage in various bondage games and don't mind going over the limit when new stuff is in question. Kink to the max in great video quality.
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