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It’s an age-old secret shared among experienced guys that girls love massages. There is nothing more effective for putting a girl in the right mood than giving a nice, slow, gentle massage. Remember, even if you start slowly, you can go faster and get rough later. The point is to build up a tension. Well, whoever are the weirdos on Massage Creep, there is plenty of useful info to be absorbed from them sufficient to bang the hottest girls around.  


Signing up to access the free stuff is pretty easy and simple: actually, you will not even need to complete a classical registration process. You can get image preview of the site content and its features just by clicking on the homepage. Massage Creep provides access to the main category videos and to the rest of the 24 extra sites by getting a premium membership. Still, you can get an idea of what is included in the full added features from the free content snippets. Girls are insanely hot, one of the best groups from the all Porn Pros network. Even if you are not that generous in bed, when you see the type of girls featured here, you will definitely like to learn a few sexy and useful massage tricks. If you thought that only the back can be massaged, then you are dead wrong. The guys on Massage Creep apply full-on techniques from back massage to pussy rubbing, caressing tits the right way to harder ass squeezing and spanking, just in the proper way to get the girls all juicy and wet, ready to let not only a finger in or a hand on, but also let the cock slide as easy as being oiled up in jar of coconut oil.   All main category videos are presented in high definition resolution. Obviously, people at Massage Creep use super-modern technology. These videos are not recorded with a standard studio camera, but probably with piece-of-art equipment. You get to see amazing close-ups that look better than the real thing. Trust us when we say this - if you do have good technical stuff to stream or download videos, you will feel like you have just entered a frothy pussy heaven and never want to leave. Keep in mind that you get the full access to the extra content of Porn Pros which includes cumshot videos, squirting orgasms, hacked cam videos and all bonus stuff for the price of one basic premium membership.


Just one word for the models - wow! Sometimes a single word speaks volumes and tells more than a full paragraph. Nice new girls join and are recorded each week. This category is one of the softcore, so the shy and the slow-starting models usually get their first chance on Massage Creep. Obviously a place for freshly scrubbed, gentle girls who get into the game very quickly. And the magic the massage works on them is amazing - so get your lazy ass as fast as possible on the trial membership at least, and watch to see how shy girls turn into porn vixens ready to do whatever you want if you touch them in all the right ways. More gorgeous girls join the studio often and the content is refreshed twice per week. The competition is tough.

Value for Money

There are two ways from which you can benefit from Massage Creep and we all know the main one - the awesome HD new massage videos that will keep your dick hard and help you get laid all the time, no excuses. Alternatively, you can join as an affiliate member and get some more money on your bank account by referring other new members. Otherwise, get your card ready to pay the fee in a secured and safe way by choosing one of the following deals:
  • 1-day subscription for $1
  • 1-month subscription for $29.95
  • 3-month subscription for $59.37
  • 12-month subscription for $119.40

Bottom Line

  • Massage advice for awesome sex
  • Fresh-faced models each week
  • New content twice per week
  • Extra 24 sites
  • Download high-quality videos
  • Best cameras used
  • No gratis previews
  • Limited video database in the main category
  • Lack of clips recorded in newest technology


If you are lazy and selfish, forget about this site as we doubt that you like learning massage tips and tricks. However, if you really want to get laid, get the best sex ever and make any girl fulfill your wishes and jump into any nasty idea that comes to your mind, Massage Creep is your deal. Chicks enjoy massages and this is one of the easiest ways to get into their pants, as the website proves with the glossy, shiny bodies that twist under the touch of the massage oils and ouperform the competition in the rest of the content on the site.
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