Passion HD

Overall Rating:

4.7 / 5.0


Porn pros comes up again with an exceptional site, one of the best in the selection of over 25, if not the best one. There are two key factors that put it in first class: the sensational new girls and already acclaimed stars of Porn Pros and the application of super-cool tech equipment, in this case awesome HD cameras. Prepare to watch some real stuff, not a glimpse of the frequent garbage that comes for free.


Passion HD starts off  with a simple homepage and user-friendly interface. A classy site with a nice design, which says a lot about what is happening once you join in as a full member. Registration gets complete in a minute - you actually get help by the site automated systems which assigns you a random password and user name. You know the drill - you usually spend a lot of time thinking of acceptable user names and passwords, and in the end, it turns out those have already been taken! That is not the case on Passion HD. Still, you must remember to change your password once you gain full access to protect your privacy. The first page has a selection of the high definition videos promised at the beginning. By clicking the 'Watch Now' button you get access to the previews. These are more than decent, as you get to see a real scene, who is starring and descriptions of the action. The main page has a drop-down menu that provide links to the 'Girls' section as well as an explanation of the site recording and uploading standards. Not that you will need to read any standards, as the quality is pretty obvious from the scenes. We promise the best ever experience with the girls on Passion HD. Most of them are so good looking that you will get bored and start browsing on the bonus websites to find something different. Anyway, the girls are into the teen category or a bit older, so if you are into mature chicks, check out the rest of the 25 sites in the PP directory. All content is available for streaming and some of it can be downloaded. Normally, video resolution is stunning and that is a standard that Porn Pros will never fail to meet with aplomb.


It comes down to one basic standard when seeing the girls on Passion HD. They can easily pass a beauty competition or stroll a fashion show in one of the bigger cities. Most of them will at least comfortably pose for a calendar or show up in a photo shoot in a magazine. That is, one of the top-shelf magazines, and not the average issues that last a couple of months and then lose their way to nowhere. We are not only talking nice bodies and pretty faces but also some classy styling, decent exercise regime and all the rest that goes with wrapping a girl in a nice, desirable, dick-popping package.

Value for Money

When you consider how much you like spending on Passion HD, always keep in mind a very important fact. it is not only the basic site that is on offer. The range of three memberships includes access to bonus sites. This is why we hold Porn pros to such high status that never fails to deliver on target. The basic monthly fee may seem pricey but you need to remember that all clips are in high definition quality and applicable fro streaming and downloading. So, basically a lot of value for the money. Subscription fees come down to:  
  • Fee of $9.95 a month or $119.40 for twelve months
  • Fee of $59.37 a month for three months
  • Fee of $29.95 for one month

Bottom Line

  • Top of the hottest girl videos with weekly new content
  • Access in over twelve languages
  • Safe and secure payment system
  • Bonus movies from partner directory
  • Credit card or indirect payments
  • Real screen caps
  • Excellent value for money
  • Limited number of previews
  • No advanced search features


Wow - we are definitely amazed at the content of Passion HD! These girls are mean and lean, young and they know how to perform. Obviously passing through some strict casting processes, they work hard and will go far, reaching the stars. Absolute stars in the making, dedicated to giving their best on screen and off-screen to turn up on set looking their best and hottest. And when a HD camera rolls, there is nothing more to ask from a porn site!
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