Real Ex Girlfriends

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3.3 / 5.0


Man can be bastards, but when women decide to get mean, there are no limits to their nastiness. The sugary Barbie princess instantly turns into a witch and the honey that gets served gets a spice of bitterness. Well, there are some guys who don't want to take it as it is and want to serve their girlfriend a taste of their own medicine. This is how the videos on Real Ex Girlfriends get their scenarios - get to work to see how that actually turns out.


Creating your account on real Ex Girlfriends is very simple. You only need to provide an email address and the rest of the details are provided by the site admins as temporary. Then, all it takes to watch videos is to opt out for one of the subscriptions. Sorry, but no free previews of the HD videos are offered to basic ‘free’ members. Probably, the policy of Porn Pros is to protect members who actually pay to stream and download all that excellent quality content. We are talking about thousands of amazing footage that is prepared, recorded and produced with the top tech equipment available on the market. There is some serious investment in the video production and that is visible right from the start. The homepage is filled with a nice series of around twenty videos from the main category featuring close-ups of girls’ faces so that everyone gets to see them and knows who they are. This is the type of revenge that no girl would like to see publicly displayed, even if she deserves to be punished in that way. Keep in mind though, some girls that are really bitchy know how to turn this misfortune into profit and actually become stars of their own videos and in many people’s lives. It doesn’t work on everyone and you should therefore pick your targets carefully. Hey, we’ve heard of girls doing their own videos and placing them online to get their moment of glory. Plenty of reality stars are born this way. When you join in and get yourself one of the premium memberships, you can use unlimited streaming of the full array of Porn Pros videos which means not only the Real Ex Girlfriends selection, but also the clips from Freaks of Boobs, Cumshot Surprise, Deep Throat Love, Pimp Parade and many more vanilla and hardcore categories.


Let me tell you that our team of editors has the only best words for the models on Real Ex Girlfriends. Some exclusive superstars are included form the caliber of Lisa Ann, and we all know who Lisa Ann is and what her name means for the adult industry. She wouldn’t agree to work with just anyone and only works with the best. Her other colleagues on Porn pros have a tough time reaching out to her level. But, there are some that definitely learn fast and pick up her tricks. One thing is for sure: there are severe requirements about the looks for admission on Porn Pros, so plenty of gorgeous babes and talented bombshells are here.

Value for Money

When you first access the site, you will not think much of it because it seems like not much is happening there. It looks like a plain average site without too many special features. However, that is only at first sight because the simple interface gives way to superb content and video quality which amps up the site quality. Actually, when you notice the tech tools used, the value skyrockets. If Porn Pros keep up with the frequency of video uploading in the way they are doing it right now, they will quickly get to the first top three positions of our reviews. Keep in mind that the following options are available for new subscribers when they go premium:
  • Twelve-month subscription for $9.95 charged per month or a total of $119.40
  • Three-month subscription for $19.79 charged per month or a total of $59.37
  • One-month subscription for $29.95 charged per month

Bottom Line

  • Over two dozen of new websites
  • Watch thousands of HD videos
  • Watch in multiple video formats
  • Mobile access: iPhone and Android
  • Customer support via chat, phone and mail
  • Streaming of all videos
  • Daily new content
  • Limited content in preview mode
  • No free trailer preview


You get to watch vengeance videos, that's for sure. In case you have been in a situation where your girlfriend cheated on you, or left you without a word, or was just plain nasty and mean, you understand how would people who shoot revenge porn feel and why would they decide to upload videos online. Porn Pros take the story to the next level by adding some super-quality technical aspects and imaginative scenarios to the video selection on Real Ex Girlfriends.
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