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You may be surprised, but most girls start out their sexual experiences by experimenting with their girlfriends. After all, the action brings less risk and more gentle and soft touch, the things that helps girls be relaxed and more confident while not going very far from their feminine side. Teen BFF is a part pf the Porn Pros network that works with young newbies joining who like to start from a soft spot and not get into the hardcore right from the start. There is no better place to satiate your hunger for lesbian videos than on Teen BFF.


These videos are a special kind of lesbian. Porn Pros uses its models admission standards in the best way here, by letting new girls start from scratch, from soft girl-on-girl action to prepare them for the hardcore stuff that comes later when they are braver or when they learn more. Sometimes, all it takes to get some sext girl action is to leave a bunch of girls in the same room and let their imagination play the part. As models start young it is normal that they have a lot of free time and hang out with their friends. Especially, when into the business, they need to really learn their bodies and discover what they can with them later when they become real stars. Well, Porn Pros know how to make use of this fact and have prepared thousands of new videos of softcore action where teen cookies explore solo or ask a friend or two to join in the party. There are plenty of super-sexy threesome videos and some group action, taken in excellent video quality where everything is ultra-visible and recorded under good lighting and in nice, elegant settings so that the ultimate user experience is from the ultimate kind. Do not underestimate the power of girl-on-girl videos, as they can be super sexy and make you horny as hell in no time. Often, you can have a lot more fun when men are out of the scene. Then agan, these girls don;t mind when they have a guy join the action. Users who join in the premium subscriptions can stream the videos from the main category and from the additional bonus websites directly from this site. The second alternative is downloading. This is very convenient for watching the clips in private. In case you need to make some money and not only spend your cash on shagging videos you can consider the option to join in as an affiliate member and earn commissions from referring new users.


Unsurprisingly, teen models abound on Teen BFF. All new girls that join Porn Pros get the chance to star for the first time on this website. This is the ‘skills honing’ place for new hotties and it is therefore nothing unexpected to see that hot young athletic and slender bodies, in the peak of their hotness, are all over the place. Unless you check the bonus partnering sites, you can no expect some huge megastars on Teen BFF. We all know that girls love to take selfies, but the selfies here are from a different type - lots of close-ups of pussies, booties and some pretty faces are part of the Teen BFF deal.

Value for Money

For the package deal subscriptions you get access to the basic site as well as to the content from the rest of the Porn Pros network, which is a total of 25 sites. From time to time, the initial videos get a plus from other partnering sites, too. Considering that the content is updated on daily basis and the videos are refreshed twice per week, you will have your feed of teen lesbian videos for decent money value. Premium deals include the following:
  • Daily trial package for $1
  • Monthly premium package for $29.95
  • Quarterly premium package for $59.37
  • Yearly premium package for $119.40
Payments are secure and discreet and processed with one of the major credit card brands. Subscriptions are payable directly or indirectly.

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  • Exclusive registration on over 24 sites
  • View +7,000 high definition clips
  • Select between stream and download
  • Frequently put new content
  • Adapted to all tech devices
  • Trial subscription on offer
  • Discounts
  • No gift cards
  • No mega pornstars


We love the rich collection of over 7,000 thousand videos where teen girls have sex hanging out with their best friends. We can't exactly call the girls lesbian but we can recommend the videos to users who are into lesbian videos because the main category is only girl on girl action. We would rather call the action experimenting - when there are no men around what else is a girl to do when she is a dick or two short?
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